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Fast supplies of large format prints and displays


On this website you will find simple rollups, pop ups, brochure holders, counters, banners, exhibition stands and other portable displays. In our webshop we can offer you up to 25% discount on these display systems and large format prints. Discounts start at only the first 2 pieces of any item. In addition on exhibition stands we can offer you a free 3d design service.

Please note our webshop is currently only available in Finnish or Swedish, but you are welcome to call any of our team, who all speak English, to discuss your needs.

Finland's most popular wide format solutions - by courier to your door.

One of the 87 million!
Google our best selling products and you will get millions of hits. In the midst of this hubbub TETRIX still manages to be different from the others and continues to expand its market share.

It has taken TETRIX only 6 years to grow from being a webshop operating out of a small basement to become Finland's most popular Roll Up supplier. How did this come about?

"TETRIX does what it says on the packet", said the customer. This sums up the opinion of TETRIX from people who want clear answers. We try to do this all the time. We will give honest answers to your questions so that you do not buy a 'pig in a poke'. Nothing hidden and no confusing prices. Reliable, strong, local and trusted by many quality companies.
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Quality cannot be a one time thing. True quality is about the ability to learn how to do something well every time. With the largest display warehouse in Scandinavia we have the ability to service the most urgent requirements. In addition, to help make your buying decision easier we are constantly trying to improve our services.

The future looks even brighter! In 2010 we started a continuous quality management project that gave us the impetus to improve our efficiency. This means we can offer you better products at lower prices and at the same time the launch of several new products, while we constantly try to raise our quality standards.